Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Renaissance Brewing Voyager

Renaissance Brewing Voyager
Style: India Pale Ale
Alcohol Content: 6%
From: Blenheim, New Zealand
Purchased From: Purchased from: A birthday gift

Renaissance brewing was founded in 2005 by Andy Deuchars and Brian Thiel. Andy and Brian, both natives of Southern California, decided to produce stunning beer in a region more renowned for wine, Marlborough New Zealand. After purchasing the lease on the historic Grove Mill in Blenheim and suffering a few teething problems (such as a delayed dispatch of their bottling machine due to Italy winning the World Cup in 2006), the brewery has grown into something of cult status in New Zealand. Scoping multiple awards over the past 9 years (including the prestigious champion New Zealand brewery in 2013), the brewery now produces a core range of 12 beers at their 400,000 litre bottling plant in Blenheim.


Colour: Pours a murky light brown with a dusting of foam which unfortunately does not linger around for very long in the glass (somewhat similar to the Brewdog Old World India Pale Ale I reviewed back in May). Not the best looking IPA, but looks can be deceiving.

Aroma: As soon as you pop the cap, a rich sweetness of honey will flood your nostrils. This only dissipates slightly once in the glass to help reveal notes of brown bread and perhaps sweet kiwi/mango/lychee (it's pretty hard to work out what it actually could be).

Body: The honey like sweetness also translates into the body of this beer. Unlike it's starship namesake, Voyager is not a drink to enjoy at "warp speed". The sticky body coats your tongue and your mouth so much you could be mistaken in thinking you are drinking a pint of honey. If slightly more carbonation was added to this beer, it would be a pleasure to drink, but quite frankly, I found this pint extremely hard work.

Taste: Very, very sweet for an IPA. The sweet honey dominates the palate with very subtle hints of mangos and kiwis lurking in the background. As the drink warms, the honey flavour dulls slightly allowing very delicate notes of burnt toffee to appear. With not a hint of bitterness in sight, I feel extremely let down by this IPA. It's sickly sweet and really lacks any depth of the flavour. At least I did not waste my own money on this beer.


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