Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Craft Beer Rising 2015

Craft Beer Rising 2015

After two years of failing to attend Craft Beer Rising, I made it my mission to attend the 2015 event. So last Saturday both Emma and I rose early from our bed to make the fateful trip across London. As Brick lane is located in East London, we decided to purchase day event tickets which ran from 11am to 5pm. After a long train journey, we arrived just as the doors opened. After being handed our beautiful glassware, we firstly walked around the venue in order to get our bearings. After a quick scout to locate our favorite breweries, we settled down on one of the picnic benches in the main hall. We both decided that we would open the festival with a beer from one of London's finest breweries; Beavertown. 

Kevin: Beavertown Moose Fang Imperial Brown. Rating 8/10.
Emma: Beavertown Appleton Bramley Apple Saison. Rating 7/10.

After such a strong start to the day (both of Beavertown's beers where over 7 per cent ABV), we decided (rather foolishly) to continue in the same vein. Since we are going to States in April, we decided to visit some of favourite US breweries; Lagunitas and Founders respectively. 

Kevin: Lagunitas Brown Shugga. Rating 9/10.
Emma: Founders Backwoods Bastard Scotch Ale. Rating 9/10.

After such a high ABV start to the festival, I know we needed to stop for a bite to eat. Fancying a lighter bite, we both plumped for a couple of sausage rolls. Now, I don't normally eat sausage rolls, but oh my god, these were absolutely delicious!  The only thing stopping me buying any more was the sky high price of £4 a roll. That's more than most of the pints of beer on offer at the festival! Daylight robbery I say!!

Shifting gears, I fancied a fruit IPA whilst Emma liked the taste of my last beer so much, she treated herself to some.

Kevin: Bear Hug Hibernation White IPA. Rating 5/10.
Emma: Lagunitas Brown Shugga. Rating 8/10.

It was here that I realised that Emma was starting to get very sqiffy. She had just consumed three halfs of very strong beer in under an hour, so we agree to stop for lunch. Emma plumped for beef brisket sandwich whilst I stuck to one of my festival staples; Bratwurst. Wanting to try a new brewery, I popped over to the Kiwi craft collective stand to try a Earl Grey IPA, whilst Emma (obviously wanting pudding) tried a sticky toffee flavoured beer from Young's.

Kevin: Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA. Rating 9/10 (Beer of the Day).
Emma: Youngs Sticky Toffee Pudding. Rating 7/10

It was at this point that Emma began feeling the effects of the alcohol churning through her system so she decided to skip the next couple of rounds.

Kevin: Glastonbury Ales Equinox Black IPA. Rating 7/10

Kevin: Hop Stuff Amarillo Mild. Rating 6/10. (Emma loved the fact that this brewery used a Arsenal style cannon in thier logo).

Finding a Second wind (or possibly fueled by more sausage rolls and beer sticks), Emma decided she was ready to try a few more brews. She plumbed for a Christmas Ale from Williams brothers, whilst I decided to try Vedett's new IPA.

Kevin: Vedett IPA. Rating 7/10.
Emma: Williams Brothers Sprue Nollaig. Rating 8/10.

Kevin: Saltaire South Pacific Pale. Rating 5/10.
Emma: The Wild Beer Co. Millionaire. Rating 7/10.

It was at this point I realised that Emma had had a little too much to drink and we decided to make for home. Needless to say, the journey home was very eventful and my shoes will never be the same again!

In summary, I really enjoyed Craft Beer Rising. The range of beers on offer was excellent and everyone attending the event was in excellent spirits. I do have a couple of niggling gripes however. Firstly, when we arrived we were told that we could pay in cash for beer rather than use the tokens. Whilst this held true to a few stands, some would only accept tokens. This would often lead to you leaving your pint at the bar and walking to the token booth. Secondly, at most stands you could buy bottles or cans to take away. Wanting to cash in on this opportunity, I asked a few of the bar tenders to sell me an unopened bottle. Some where more than happy to oblige, whilst others flatly told me no. All we ask for is a little bit of consistency guys. Who knows, we may even review the beers we take home......     


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