Thursday, 10 April 2014

Odell Brewing Company IPA

Odell Brewing Company IPA
Style: IPA
Alcohol Content: 7.0%
From: Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Purchased From: Beer Boutique, Putney, London, England
The Odell Brewing Company was founded by brothers Doug, Wynne and Corkie Odell back in 1989. As with most craft breweries, Odell began life as a small microbrewery mainly based in Doug’s kitchen in Seattle, Washington. As time progress and the business grew, the Odell family began to deliver, pick up empties and make sales visits in an old yellow Datsun pick-up truck. I can just imagine what impression that would of give to prospective customers as a Datsun pickup is not the best looking car in the world. By 1994 the brewery out grew the kitchen and relocated located in Fort Collins, Colorado (I've started to notice that a lot of the imported beer I buy is from this state) Here the brewery has gone from strength to strength and currently outputs 45,000 barrels per annum. This is actually the second beer of Odell’s I have brought to review. The first was a Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout, that unfortunately went off before i could drink it (Always check your expiry dates people).

Odell Brewing Company IPA
Beautiful Old School Label
Colour: This drink pours a beautiful copper crowned with a densely pack white head. This helps to produce the best lacing I have ever seen from an IPA.

Aroma: There is a lot going on in this beer. The start begins with notes of zingy grapefruit and lime which is then quickly followed by soft, delicate elderflower aromas with just a hint of pine lurking in the background. As the drink warms slight, juicy ripe peaches enter the aroma profile to entice you to drink more. This excellent balance of flavours comes from the use of of seven hops in just about every point in the brewing process.

Body: Very light carbonation ensures a extremely smooth drinking experience. This beer literally melts in your mouth with no clogging effect at all. This is very surprising given the heavy use of hops during the production process.

Taste: The start begins with a lovely hint of sweet grapefruit which dominates the palate until slight hints of sweet caramel begin to appear from depths of the glass. The finish is packed with juicy smooth malt, hints summer ripened peaches and a mild bitter finish. This has to be one of the least bitter IPA's I have ever tasted. It actually reminds me more of a refreshing pale ale. The perfect IPA for summer and I certainly enjoyed my beer burps after several sizeable sips. Uber tasty.

Odell Brewing Company IPA

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Matt Curtis said...

One of my favourite beers, I'll drink this whenever I can get hold of it! One thing about the date on Odell bottles... that's not a best before date, it's a bottled on date so I hope you haven't disposed of what was a perfectly drinkable beer!

And don't worry about beer going past its date anyway, especially higher ABV stuff. Anything with alcohol in it shouldn't go off and higher ABV beers will develop and evolve if they are stored in a cool, dark place. Lugene is lush, I hope you get to try some soon!

Kevin Parsons said...

Thanks Matt. I did not know that they where bottled on dates however I'm pretty certain that my Lugene was off as it tasted very much vinegar. Perhaps the seal was broken in transport or something like that. I will see if i can get hold of another bottle soon. Cheers

Matt Curtis said...

That's unusual for an Odell beer to be off but this kinda thing can happen, that's a real shame, hope you get to try it properly soon!

andrew pohlman said...

It is most definitely a Drink By date, the Myrcenary in my hand was not brewed on 7/30/14 ;) Based on what I have found, O'Dell uses a 120 day Best By system, so my beer was brewed on March 30. Cheers

andrew pohlman said...

Also, the vinegar smell wasn't due to age, but infection. Some people pay lots of money for similar tasting beers, called sours.

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