Monday, 7 April 2014

Weird Beard Brewing Company Chinook

Weird Beard Brewing Company Chinook
Style: Barrel Aged Brown Ale
Alcohol Content: 7.4%
From: Hanwell, London, UK
Purchased From: Real Ale Shop, Richmond upon Thames, London, England

After another busy week at work I was really looking forward to attending Craft 100 this weekend. But alas, just like my attempt to visit craft beer rising, my hopes were dashed by illness yet again. This time it was myself who caught the dreaded bug, it was my long time drinking buddy Jon. After sulking for a couple of hours i decided to pick myself up and write a number blogs over the weekend. Here is one of them, Weird Beard Brewing Company Chinook. 

Weird Beard Brewing company is based in Hanwell, West London. Like most brewers, the company’s founders, Gregg and Bryan, first began brewing beers in their kitchen’s. After winning numerous home brewing awards, the dynamic duo decided to up the ante and turn their hobby into a business. And before you ask, yes, Gregg and Bryan do sport some very impressive facial hair (Daniel Bryan would be proud!). Now as my best friend is moving into this area later this year, no doubt I will be popping in to check the beard’s and beers out for myself.

Weird Beard Brewing Company Chinook

Colour: Pours a thick, dark brown with minimal head. This head will lace your glass perfectly thought the duration of your drinking experience. The also opaque liquid helps to create a sense of mystery that will intoxicate you like young mistress in a summer dress. 

Aroma: Not the most perfumed beer in the world as it only uses the Chinook hop. This hop adds a slight pine and citrus note to the aroma profile. If you get your nose right in there you will be able to pick out notes of rich molasses mixed with smoky bourbon. Slight hints of warming, dry alcohol will also rise from the glass to sting your nostrils. Very subtle aromas that are perfectly blended to draw you further into this drink.

Body: On your first sip you could be forgiven in thinking that you are indeed drinking a bourbon. The beer feels very sticky and will clog the back of your throat on every single sip. The warming alcohol will burn slightly on the way down like a good whisky should. This is definitely not a beer to rush, so sit back and relax while drinking it.

Taste: As I eluded to before, this beer has been aged in bourbon barrels. The barrels have imparted notes of sweet, smoky bourbon combined with slight hints of oak. These flavours are beautifully juxtaposed by the use of the Chinook hop. The hop provides a citrus note which helps cut through the smokiness slight to refresh your palate.  The finish is beautifully sweet to start but is followed by an intensely bitter and warming alcohol finish. This is the second bourbon aged ale I have reviewed, (the first being Founders Backwoods Bastard). Between the two, I preferred the Founders as it was slightly sweeter than Weird Beards attempt but that’s down to personal taste as this is an excellent effort.   

Weird Beard Brewing Company Chinook

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