Thursday, 5 March 2015

De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis

De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis
Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol Content: 10%
From: Bodegraven, Netherlands
Purchased from: Beer Geek, Prague, Czech Republic

Brouwerij De Molen is a small craft brewery, distillery and restaurant located in Bodegraven, the Netherlands.The brewery, whose name means "The Mill", is located inside a historic windmill building called De Arkduif, which was built in 1697. Having started out as a homebrewer, and after stints at several small breweries, head brewer Menno Olivier worked professionally at Stadtsbrouwerij De Pelgrim in Rotterdam prior to founding De Molen in 2004. The capacity of the brewing system is 500 liters per batch, with annual production averaging a total of 500 hectoliters.The subject of this review is their Imperial Stout, aptly named Hel & Verdoemenis (Hell and Damnation). Lets hope I survive to tell the tale. 

Hel & Verdoemenis

Colour: Pours a thick, oily black topped beautifully by a thin layer of tan coloured foam. Once settled, this foam soon disappears into the murky depths below. 

Aroma: Most imperial stouts ozees notes of dark chocolate and bitter dark chocolate. Whilst the dark chocolate notes are definitely present, Hel & Verdoemenis presents not one single note of coffee. This surprises me greatly as I love the blending of those two elements in an imperial stout. Oh well you can't have it all! After a few minutes in the glass, the chocolate notes begin to fade and hints of smoky peat and sweet molasses begin to appear. This drink smells divine! I can not wait to jump in and try this beer!   

Body: As you would expect, this Hel & Verdoemenis is extremely viscous. It's almost like drinking a pint of silky chocolate sauce. This thickness encourages you to drink this stout very slowly and ensures you savor every last sip.

Taste: Well, this has to be the most rounded Imperial stout that I have ever drunk. The nose translates into the taste with the dark chocolate notes blending perfectly with hints of rich, sweet molasses. Here the coffee notes finally make an appearance, offering a mellow bitterness to help cut through the sweetness slightly. The aftertaste reminds me slightly of oak aged Bourbon as its quite warming on the tongue. That being said, the high ABV is very well hidden and it could be quite deadly given the size of the bottle (750ml). Perhaps I should of shared this bottle with Emma (or perhaps not as its far too nice to share). A lovely drink that I will return to again and again.

Hel & Verdoemenis

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