Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Rebel Brewing Company Eighty Shilling

The Rebel Brewing Company Eighty Shilling
Style: Scotch Ale
Alcohol Content: 5%
From: Penryn, Cornwall, England
Purchased from: Noble Green Wines, Hampton Hill

"I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly..." Ron Burgundy

The Rebel Brewing Company is a multi-award winning independent craft brewery based in Penryn, Cornwall. The brewery currently produces a range of six core beers and a craft range consisting of five rotating lines (their Chocolate Vanilla Stout, Mexi Coco was the recipient of Carma's prestigious Champion Beer of Cornwall in 2013). Currently Rebel supply over 500 outlets in Cornwall, Devon and the rest of the U.K. This number is growing very quick as their reputation continues to grow.

They also offer a brewery tour for a meager £12, where the designated driver receives a gift pack of beers to take away. Now everyone can go home happy. The subject of this review is their Eighty Shilling Scotch ale. Now if you are a fan of scotch style ales, you will no doubt notice that a large number of them are labeled as Eighty Shilling. But what does this term actually mean? We the name Eighty Shilling refers to the name of a tax charged on a 54 gallon hogshead for beer between 4-5.5% alcohol in 19th century Scotland. So onto the review.

Colour: Pours a dark chestnut neatly topped with a light tan coloured head. This head lingers for the duration of the beer and laces the glass perfectly. If you hold this beer up to the light you will notice a red hue resonating from the bottom of the glass.

Aroma: This malty bomb sings to notes of sweet caramel, dried fruit and currents. As the drink warms, hints of smoke and dark chocolate begin to resonate though the aroma profile. This drink actually smells like a high quality single malt and hopefully, it will drink like one too (especially after the week I have had).

Body: What a beautifully silky mouthfeel! This drink covers every single part of your mouth with a feeling of rich velvet and slips down the throat with an easy of a lazy sunday morning. The incredibly low carbonation ensures that this sensation stays with you sip after sip.

Taste: Very rich and incredibly sweet. The dried fruit and molasses present in the perfume return with avengeance leading a full scale assault on your tastes buds. Luckily, this onslaught of sweetness never becomes too sickly and is playfully cut though with a delicate peaty smokiness. As the drink warms, its characteristics change slightly to real notes of coffee and yeasty marmite. This is definitely not a drink to be rushed, so stoke the fire, sit back in your favorite leather armchair and relax.    

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