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Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout
Style: Milk Stout
Alcohol Content: 4.5%
From: Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom
Purchased From: Waitrose, Wells

Over the past few year year, the city of Bristol has been undergoing a renaissance. The bustling quay sides have swapped steamships full of tobacco for trendy wine bars and shopping centres. Just like the city it's self, Bristols brewing industry has been reborn partially due to the success of the Bristol Beer Factory. After finding a home in the old fermenting block of the former Ashton Gate brewery, the Bristol Beer factory started life as a 10 barrel micro brewery back in 2004. After originally brewing a small handful of cast conditioned ales, Bristol now offer a range of over eight different regular bottled ales, seven regular cask ales and five specials throughout the year. Cashing in on this success, the brewery now own three pubs in the area and hosts an annual beer festival named Factoberfest.

Milk Stout

Colour: Pours a thick, deep coal black with a relatively small, yet tightly packed white head. This stout is so thick that not a speck of light can be seen through it. Tip top stuff!

Aroma: Hints of arabica coffee and cocoa nibs stream from the bottle as soon as you pop the cap. A rich sweetness is also present which invites you closer and closer, making you want to dive right in there and down the pint.

Body: Perhaps one of the smoothest drinks I have ever drunk. This sumptuous pint slides down like a pint of double cream. Every available crevasse of your mouth will be covered by this velvet delight. The use of lactose sugar in the brewing process helps to remove any hints of clogging from the aftertaste.

Taste: From your first sip, you will instantly taste notes of sultry dark chocolate and hot Java coffee. This is promptly followed by a flood of sweet, milky lactose sugar. It's almost as if you are drinking a high end mocha from The Ritz. The flavours are blended perfectly to ensure that no flavour overpowers another. From the moment this pint touched my lips, I was completely intoxicated. How can a brewery blend flavours so masterfully and leave me wanting more and more? Perhaps that's why this beer has won a gold medal at this year's SIBA awards and has previous been named as CAMRA National champion stout. Great work guys, keep up all the hard work!

Milk Stout
Invigorating and Stimulating for the Workers

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