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Petrus Aged Pale Ale

Petrus Aged Pale Ale
Style: Aged Pale Ale (Sour)
Alcohol Content: 7.3%
From: Bavikhove, Belgium
Purchased from: Beer Shop near Calais

A few months ago, a friend of mine visited Northern France. Whilst he was there I asked him if he could bring back any interesting beers that he may stumble across. This is one of the results of that search, Petrus aged pale. Originally I thought this would be a pale ale but I was quite shocked to find out that this was actually a sour beer. My track record with this style is not great. My first and only experience of this style was at the great British beer festival back in 2012. I was so unprepared for the tart sourness that it really put me off the style. Being a man that always gives things a second chance, I popped the drink in the fridge waiting for the right moment to review the beer. So let's see if it's second time a charm...

The Bavik brewery was founded in 1894 founded by Adolphe De Brabandere a farmer at the "Hof ter Koutere" in Bavikhove. Four generations later, the brewery is still a family business and one of the largest independent breweries in Belgium. Petrus Aged Pale Ale was first brewed in 2001 after a visit from beer expert Michael Jackson (not the Michael Jackson with the plastic face, this Michael Jackson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson_(writer) ). So onto the review.

Aged Pale Ale

Colour: Pours a clear golden colour complete with a fast building, bubbly white head. This dissipates down quickly but laces the glass perfectly on the way down.

Aroma: Full of cherries and white wine vinegar. This can be extremely overpowering to start with but it will eventually mellow as you get use to it.

Body: A perfect, light pilsner type body complete with a mild carbonation. The mouthful is a game of two halves. Tart sourness will dry your mouth at first, then the sweet juicy malt will refresh your vitals. Definitely not a beer you can session.

Taste: Pucker up, this is one hell of a sour beer! It will take you a few minutes to adjust to the acidic sourness of this beer. It really reminds me of a scrumpy cider from the westcountry. Once adjusted, there are hints of fruits, specifically cherries and a slight vinous character. The flavour is rounded off by hints of earthiness which are provided by the oak barrels that this beer is laid in during the ageing process. The after taste is full of tart cherries with not a hint of bitterness to speak of. Best enjoyed slowly with a tangy cheese. A lot tastier than my first encounter with the sour style and I certainly will be trying other soon.

Aged Pale Ale
What's up with you Sour Pus?

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