Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA
Style: India Pale Ale
Alcohol Content: 5.2%
From: Newport, Oregon, United States of America
Purchased From: Beer Boutique, Putney, United Kingdom

It rarely snows here in the UK, so when it does everyone will be out making snowmen or sledging. Once the melt begins to start, strange yellow snow begins to appear. Being a playful little scamp, I would often enjoyed winding my mum up by pretending to eat the yellow snow. Once, the snow got rather to close for comfort and ended up with a small, gritty chunk in my mouth. Quite frankly, it tasted disgusting and I finally understood why my mum was so freaked out every time I tested her. So forever scarred from this memory, I really hope this beer does not taste like the real thing.

Rogue Ales is an American craft brewery founded in 1988 in Ashland, Oregon. The following year the company opened their second brewpub in Newport, Oregon where they are now headquartered. They operate brewpubs in Oregon, Washington, and California. Rogue exports throughout the US and internationally. Rogue Ales have been described as "invariably fun and full flavored". The company's offerings are popular with critics and craft beer aficionados and have been major award winners in worldwide competitions.

Colour: pours a bright straw yellow complete with a brilliant, snow bite head. It really looks like yellow snow has been melted down and bottled (let's hope it does not taste like it!). As I drunk this beer straight from the fridge, a slight bit of chill hazing in, is also present in the glass.

Aroma: The nose is Full of tart gooseberries and juicy clementines notes to start. As the drink warms these fruity note being to dwindle to slowly reveal notes of slightly burnt sugar or caramel. Certainly a nose of two halves.

Body: Surprisingly dense for an IPA. This beer will flood your taste buds and clog the back of the throat. The surprising level of bitterness ensures that this clogging sensation endures during your entire drinking experience.

Taste: The nose translates into the taste. The aforementioned juicy clementines and tart gooseberries dominate the palate. The dryness of the gooseberries are complemented by the hop acid to help produce an unbelievably dry, slightly herbal finish. It feels as if a shot of Jagermeister has been added to this beer. As this IPA warms, the characteristics change dramatically. The caramel notes from the nose being to appear along with a subtle hits of wood. Delicious! For me this is another case of ensuring you drink a beer at the correct temperature. Take this beer out of the fridge and leave it on the side for fifteen minutes. This will ensure all the flavours are present in every sip, helping to increase your enjoyment.

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