Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sly Fox Brewing Pikeland Pils

Sly Fox Brewing Pikeland Pils
Style: Pilsner
Alcohol Content: 4.7%
From: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA
Purchased from: Beer Boutique, Putney 

Finally after months of flooding it appears that the UK is finally drying out. Near tropical temperatures of 15 degrees centigrade have been recorded in London this week prompting the daffodils to awaken and bloom. To many daffodil sightings are the first signs of Spring and people begin planning for their summer holidays. I am no exception to this as I have recently booked a two week holiday to Croatia. The winter has however played havoc on my body and I am rather out off shape. So as the weathers improved, I have decided to start running again. After running just over three miles yesterday, I was in need of some light refreshment. I have often seen runners turn to beer after their gruelling exploits so I decided to do some research and find out more.

The answer is surprisingly uncomplicated. Beer is made up from 99.5% water with the rest being made up from malted barley, hops and yeast which are all rich in vitamins and minerals. Researchers suspect that sugar, salts and carbonation in beer combine to help people absorb the fluid more quickly. Faster hydration after exertion helps you to recover quicker. So next time you run home from work, grab a cheeky pint to recharge, doctors orders!

Sly Fox Brewery hails from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in December 1995 by the Giannopoulos family as the Sly Fox Brewhouse and Eatery. When off-premise sales increased beyond the Phoenixville location’s ability to keep up, Sly Fox opened a 20-barrel production brewery and accompanying restaurant in nearby Royersford, in November 2004. However this was not enough for Sly Fox as in 2012, they choose to open a third site in  Pottstown to take their annual production up to 3,600 barrels. The subject of this review is their Pikeland Pils, a Pilsner style lager.  

Pikeland Pils

Colour: Pours a lemon yellow with a thick white head that reminds me more of a Weiss beer than a pilsner. It's so thick that you could mistake it for a Mr Whippy (minus the flake of course). This dies down after a few minutes but coats the side of the glass beautifully. Unlike every other pilsner I've ever drunk, the beer is very opaque. So much so, you almost can't see the bottom of the glass.

Aroma: Not the most perfumed beer in the world but you can certainly smell aromas of freshly cut grass and subtle hints of lemon.

Body: Very light and refreshing as every good pilsner should be. This beer will help refresh you after a hard day at work or a long run like the one I undertook earlier today. There is no clogging on the back of throat and sips down a treat.

Taste: On the first sip you will be presented with notes of freshly cut grass and subtle hints of lemon and honey in the background. As the drink warms slightly, a slight wheat note comes to the fore. This changes the character of the beer some what to become very reminiscent of a Weiss beer minus the banana and cloves. Very different to the soft perfumed pilsners from Czech Republic and Germany that I am used to but very nice all the same. A twist on a modern classic style some may say. The finish is mildly bitter but very crisp. The perfect refresher.

Pikeland Pils

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