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Fordham Wisteria Wheat

Fordham Wisteria Wheat
Style: Wheat Beer
Alcohol Content: 4%
From: Dover, Delaware, United States of America
Purchased from: Beers of Europe

This week I have been on a little break down to Kent, which is otherwise known as the garden of England. Whilst there, I kept thinking to myself, what a beautiful place this will be in the summer. Full of flowers in full bloom and birds singing in the trees, while I enjoy a refreshing pint in the garden. Quintessentially English you would say. With this in mind I fancied a beer that captured the essence of summer. So upon browsing the beers of Europe website, I can across Fordham's Wisteria Wheat. With its colourful label and excellent write up, Wisteria Wheat sounded like the beer I was looking for. So let's get involved.

You have to hand it to Queen Anne; she knew way back in 1703 that you couldn't start a colony without good local brews. That’s why she asked young Benjamin Fordham to start a brewery in the new port of Annapolis. Almost 300 years later, Fordham brewing was re-born in the heart of Annapolis in 1995. With the ever-increasing demand, this frothing Fordham giant was more than the small brewery could handle. In an effort to provide more people with brews, the plucky staff grabbed their recipes and moved Fordham to its new castle in Dover, Delaware. In 2007, Fordham merged with Old Dominion brewing company under the holding company Coastal Brewing Company.
Wisteria Wheat
Not quite Wisteria Lane
Colour: Pours a deep straw almost copper colour. There is no head which is slightly disappointing. I guess all that travelling across the Atlantic put hed to that. The beer is also very clear when you compare it to German Weiss beers but there is a slight hazing in the glass to tempt you in.

Aroma: As you would expect, big hints of creamed wheat flow out of the glass. This is blended with subtle hints of cloves and bananas. 

Body: Interestingly, this beer is not as heavy as you would expect. This is a medium bodied beer with a soft velvety carbonation. This creates an extremely drinkable beer with a mild clogging on the back of the throat. 

Taste:  Full of juicy wheat with a fantastic underpinning of sweet succulent strawberries which is certainly a pleasant surprise. It reminds me of Magic Hat Number Nine Not Quite Pale Ale which i reviewed last year (link below). The finish is full of creamy wheat cut though with a slight sour edge. The use of Perle and Tradition hops provide a very mild level of bitterness which helps to holds everything together. In short, this is summer in the glass and would compliment fruity salads.

Wisteria Wheat

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