Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Arbor Ale Monsoon Saison

Arbor Ale's Monsoon Saison
Style: Saison
Alcohol Content: 6.4%
From: Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Purchased From: Purchased from: Real Ale Shop, Richmond-Upon-Thames

So last week i had the dreaded man flu and IRS in my right hand, so unfortunately i was unable to blog. Doctor/Emma's orders! However, I'm now full fit and ready to taste some beer.

Arbor Ales began brewing in March 2007 on a 2.5 BBL plant in a small outbuilding at the back of the Old Tavern in Stapleton. When the pub closed in June 2008 they moved to a unit in Kingswood and upgraded to a 5.5 BBL plant. Arbor moved again in early 2012 to their current location in Lawrence Hill and upgraded to a 12 BBL plant. They are now producing around 25-30 BBLs a week. In March 2009 Arbor took on their first pub, the Old Stillage in Redfield, which they purchased from Punch Taverns a year later. In October 2010 Arbor signed the lease on their second pub, the Three Tuns in Hotwells.

So here we have a review of their Monsoon Saison. This beer was created on a freestyle Friday, were the brewers stop making their traditional lines and start experimenting with recipes and ingredients. So lets see what they have for us?

Colour: On the pour, you will presented with a straw yellow liquid with a bright, bubbly white head. There is plenty of carbonation in the bottle to keep this head going throughout the life cycle of this drink. As you slowly pour, you will notice that he drink is clear. To create an authentic Saison, stop the pour near the top and swish the remaining liquid around the bottle to pick up the yeast. Drop this into the glass to create a beautiful Saison fit for a king.

Aroma: There is a heady mix of freshly cut hay and rich autumn plums on the nose. As the drink matures, you will be able to pick out the hints of coriander and cardamom which have been added during the brewing process.

Body: Without the yeast the drink is quite light to drink. The carbonation can be hard to handle at first so I would recommend adding the yeast into your glass, as this helps to take this beer to another level. The drink will become thicker, almost like a Weiss beer and leave a rich creamy coating on the back of your throat. Divine!

Taste: On the first sip you will taste notes of straw and steeped summer fruits such as plums and strawberries. Then suddenly the added cardamom and coriander will burst though and play with your tongue. This leads to a bitterly, crisp and dry after taste that reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner and my bank account is already empty. I am rather new to this style of beer and I am shocked I never came across it sooner. For me, Arbour Ales Monsoon Saison can give the French and Belgium’s a run for their money any day of the week. An excellent beer!

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