Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tripel Karmeliet

Tripel Karmeliet
Style: Tripel
Alcohol Content: 8.4%
From: East Flanders, Buggenhout, Belguim
Purchased from: Waitrose

Bosteels Brewery is a Belgian brewery in the East Flanders Buggenhout. Bosteels Brewery was founded in 1791 by Everarist Bosteels and has to date been 7 generations in the same family, successively by Everarist founder, Joseph Martin, Leon, Antoine, Antoine Bosteels and Leon. Over the years, brewery Bosteels grown. Tripel Karmeliet is their most successful beer, which was launched in 1996. In recent years, production has been significantly increased, but still can not meet the demand. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 is therefore always an investment of 3 million euros. The total turnover in 2011 was 17.2 million, with a total production of 90,000 hectoliters of beer.

Pow right in the kisser!
Colour: Straw yellow. On the pour, you get a lovely thick white head that will stay with you throughout the drink. In some aspects, it's very similar to Duvel which I reviewed earlier on this blog. It's very heavily carbonated and the bubbles keep on coming and coming. That being said these are very fine bubbles that are most likely to tickle you throat on the way down. One thing I noticed is that this beer actually darkens in colour as it warms up. The yellow darkens quite considerably after 15 minutes.

Aroma: Bananas and a faint hint of minerals on the first sniff. When you go in for a second bite you are bombarded with notes of brown bread or biscuits. There are also notes of cloves.

Body: This drink is actually a lot heavier than it looks. This is due to the high level of alcohol that is in the drink. When you have your first sip, you are almost knocked for six by the power it holds. The drink is also quite creamy and has a certain Weiss beer quality to it. If you every try this beer yourself, I would recommend having a sip and move it around your mouth. This brings out a rich chewy texture that is also like placing a toffee in your mouth.

Taste: If you have ever tried Muller's fantastic banana and custard yogurt, then this is extremely similar. If you start to move this drink around in your mouth, the drink is very chewy and you get a certain bubble gum taste in your mouth. As the drink is quite alcoholic, the drink can feel quite spicy with ginger or cinnamon notes. As the drink warms up slight you will also get the slight taste of pineapple. This is a drink that you need to take your time with and nurse. Drink it to quick and you will be on the floor within seconds.

This will leave you off your feet
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