Sunday, 6 January 2013

Gaffel Kolsch

Gaffel Kolsch
Style: Kolsch
Alcohol content: 4.8%
From: Cologne (Koln), Germany
Purchased from: My good friend Jon brought this back from the Christmas Market for me.

What on earth is Kolsch you may ask your self? Well Kolsch is a local beer speciality that is brewed in Cologne, Germany. The word Kolsch can only be applied to beers produced in Cologne due to its protected designation of origin status. In other words if i made a beer in London, i could not sell it as a Kolsch. The most famous example of this would be Champagne which can only be produced in the Champagne region of France. Kolsch itself is quite similar to other pale German lagers in both appearance and taste.

Now i have been to Cologne myself and to my shame i only tried a very small amount of Kolsch (literally a thimble size). In my defence i will say that this was before my beer awaking and had i know about it then, i certainly would of swapped my Erdinger for it. Unfortently, I was only passing though Cologne, as i was on my way to Dortmund to watch the football. If you ever get a chance to go to Cologne please go. Its an experience not to be missed.

Myself and Jon outside the famous Cologne Cathedral

Thimble of Kolsch

The origins of the Gaffel brewery can be found all the way back in the 14th century and it is considered to be the oldest brewery in Cologne. So they must really know what they are doing. From reading their website they only produce three beer lines. If your really good at something then why deviate that's what i say. Its also worth saying that this brewery is still privately owed which is remarkable given its size.

Colour: Pale yellow a bit like straw. Kolsch is not as clear as other lagers and the yellow colour is quite similar to a Weiss beer.

Smell: Refreshing floral notes but you can also smell a small bit of a bitter undertones from the hops. As with most lagers i try, i find it very hard to actually smell anything from them. I've had to train my nose in order pull out the scents.

Body: Smooth as a naked women's bum. The drinks slides down a treat. One of things i noticed about the Kolsch, was that when you pour the beer there are a number of very large bubbles. Certainly larger than any that i have seem before.

Taste: Very sweet for a lager which is due to the Kolsch brewing style. There is a very slight bitter hit in the after taste but its nothing to write home about.

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